2018 Honda Prelude Changes, Redesign, Specs

The Honda Prelude is a sports coupe that was produced by Japanese automaker Honda from 1978 until 2001. The two-door coupe was loosely derived from the Honda Accord and spanned five generations. Sadly production of the Prelude concluded in 2001 upon the introduction of the Honda Integra DC5. Prelude enthusiasts have gone for 15 years without seeing a refurbished model of the car. But the good news are here and they say that the Japanese automobile manufacturer is planning to revive the car. A new 2018 Honda Prelude will be available, for now as the concept, and the car looks much better than the old model. Yes we said concept, but thanks to Japan automakers future trail it might as well already be here.

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Exterior of the 2018 Honda Prelude will get totally overhauled. Honda will use lightweight alloy and carbon fiber materials to construct its new sports coupe, and it will also get some features from the previous model, but will look sportier with addition of modern-day sleek features. The entire body will host well defined lines and curves that will give the car an elegant look. Honda will try to incorporate boxy look of the old Prelude, which we all admired, and slick and sporty look of today. Mmm.. we can already imagine the mouthwatering look of it. Heavily redesigned and sharp front bumper and grille, headlights and air intakes, that will make it look like its zooming through the corners whilst still in stationary position. The sides of it will, according to rumors, wear a slightly prominent wheel arches and new side skirts that will round up it sides. The back will get redesigned also, probably LED tail lights and rear bumper which will now carry a functional diffuser with quad exhausts stacked on top of each other. Overall stance will be lowered in a manner that suits Preludes pedigree accompanied with 19 inch alloys and sport tires and brakes.

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The Interior of the new Prelude will be redesigned with the aim of making it more comfortable and convenient. The Honda will probably “borrow” a few bits and pieces from Civic Type R and latest Accord, but besides that it will praise itself with a roomy cabin, providing comfortable seating space and a small cargo section. The arrangement of seats will allow for sufficient headroom and leg room to accommodate both tall and short drivers. Since this is a Japan automaker it is fairly certain that we can expect that this one will be filled with all kinds of hi tech gizmos, meaning that consumers should expect a luxurious and comfortable cabin with the latest infotainment features. Rumors are that it will be more tech advanced than its predecessor, and we are thinking how is it possible that it won’t be? Last Prelude was 15 years ago, is it possible not to be more advanced?! The dash will probably be taken from one of the aforementioned Honda models and redesigned to fit Preludes look and style.

2018 Honda Prelude Changes And Price Auto Car Update for 2018 honda prelude


As for the powering force of this 2018 Honda Prelude, there are two, rumored, possibilities. One is 2.0LV-TEC turbocharged engine which is able to produce 250 HP and 267 lb-ft of torque that will be paired with 6 speed manual transmission system, and the other is 3.5 L V6 with a capacity of 315 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque with a 6 or 8 speed automatic system. There is a possibility of a limited slip diff and AWD system, but this is all very speculative since it is still in its concept stage, and who’s to say that it won’t, maybe even, go hybrid. We will let this one sit for a while, and try to do an update when we have some confirmed information. What is sure is that with any engine option it will probably get an increase in MPG ratio, since it will probably lose some weight.

2018 Honda Prelude Changes And Price Auto Car Update regarding 2018 honda prelude


Release date is yet unknown for sure but we expect that it will most likely be late 2017 or even the early beginning of the 2018, and it will of course come as a 2018 model. Price is like many other things unsure, but we will try to make the best assumption based on the info and rumors in our disposal, and that is around $33.000 to $36.000. All of this will naturally depend on the trim and engine that will be offered, so don’t be surprised if price tag goes up a bit.

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